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Winning New Deals during a Recession 2022

A downturn is looming. Pipeline is shrinking, sales cycles are growing, and closing business seems impossible. Like quicksand, the harder you fight the quicker you sink!

Clients are cautious about spending, and the challenges of summertime selling make it even harder for salespeople to connect with prospects.

Despite all that, your revenue requirements have not changed. Sales still has to hit their numbers, and the competition is gaining ground. Sound familiar?

So how do you stop the free fall and climb back on top? The answer could be The Cactus Group out of Atlanta, GA.

These are not your run of the mill “consultants” - they are sales “Practitioners” with 75 years of combined experience and success.

Like hired guns in the ole West, they are helping their clients transition, right size, and grow through their patent pending

“Now (today), Near (tomorrow), and Far (future) Partner Led Sales Strategy.


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