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The "Now, Near, Far" Proposition Defined

The Cactus Group tagline is; "Transforming the Now, Near and Far" which can literally be translated into Transforming Today, Tomorrow and Next Week. When we walk through a discovery with a new client, one of the key questions we asks ourselves is, "what can we do Monday morning at 8AM to improve your Company's situation?"

This question underscores our core business mantra and clearly separates The Cactus Group from typical Consultants. We are Practitioners first! It's the difference in knowing what to do, and being able to do it successfully. Like Consultants, we obviously assess, discover, compare and often shine a bright into some dark places. It's what we do after all the planning and discussions that makes the BIG difference - we Execute.

Whether we are transforming a old sales process, training new sales teams, driving new sales strategies, we do it with the Now, Near, Far mantra and anticipate success Today, Next Month and beyond 2022.

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