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  • Where is The Cactus Group based?
    The Cactus Group is a US based Company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with satellite offices in New York, Dubai, and the UK
  • How many people work for The Cactus Group?
    7 people work at The Cactus Group
  • What is the NAICS code for The Cactus Group?
    The NAICS code for The Cactus Group is 541611
  • What is the difference between a "Consultant" and a Cactus Group "Practitioners"?
    Management consultants are professional experts who provide strategies to improve the financial and operational health of an Organization. Cactus Group Practitioners are professional experts and seasoned Executive Consultants who provide the hands on work to operationally execute against the strategies designed to improve the overall health of an Organization. It's the difference between just knowing something and doing something about the thing you know.
  • What Industries does The Cactus Group specialize in?
    The Cactus Group specializes in the Information and Technology Industry across a variety of verticals. These verticals include Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation, Energy and Software Companies. Our Practice also specializes in the Green Energy and Sustainability marketplace.
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